Why Should You Hollaback?

A new study shows that there are lots of great reasons for you to share your story and hollaback against street harassment! Submitting a post to Hollaback! can be helpful on both individual levels and collective levels.

From the article:

We found that by visiting the Hollaback site, participants of our study were able to problematize their experience with street harassment. Before visiting the site, some participants thought that harassment was just a part of life that they had to endure. But by posting their story on Hollaback, participants were able to problematize their terrible experiences and see it as part of a larger injustice. One participant writes:

 “Posting it did a weird thing to me though…I used to be able to brush off a lot of the stuff I get on the street and at work, because I’ve been getting it consistently since I was in high school, but now I think it means something more to me to be able to just walk down the street and be left alone.”

Posting stories also transformed the way that participants felt and thought about their experience:

“I became more sure in my conviction that I was right to consider what happened was really, really wrong. Not to just accept it as part of life.”

Participants also stated that sharing their story impacted their behavior afterwards:

“But I found myself forcing myself to bring it up and to tell people about it and to, even like, people I wouldn’t normally tell this to, like my Dad… Hollaback cultured my feeling that this should be shared.”

I know that personally, giving a voice to street harassment has helped me in so many ways. It helps me to bring the problem to the attention of people who wouldn’t usually think about something like this, especially the men in my life. It makes me feel good to help provide a platform for other people to speak up about their experiences, too. And it gives me the language and the confidence to bring my experiences up in public spaces. I can use my experience with Hollaback! to hollaback in the real world. I can apply what I learn through my online activism to my every day life, giving me the power to fight back and to speak up.

We’d love to see you become empowered and help contribute to a movement to change the face of our society. You can start by sharing your story on our site! It can be that simple.



We actively denounce the notion that street harassment is culturally accepted and that victims somehow "deserve" it. Through raising awareness and sharing experiences, we hope to put an end to catcalling, groping, stalking, public masturbation, assaults, racial slurs, and other forms of street harassment. Because we believe we have the power to create a world where we can feel hot, confident, and badass, while still feeling safe!

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