HOLLA Offline: JP!

Join us this afternoon for our next HOLLA Offline event at Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain!

HOLLA offline: JP! // hollaback! boston

We’re plotting our Pride Parade float and making plans for the summer, and we would love your ideas and feedback. Come hang out offline, meet new HOLLA friends in person, and help us determine next steps.

We can’t wait to see you!


image credit: Ula Cafe


We actively denounce the notion that street harassment is culturally accepted and that victims somehow "deserve" it. Through raising awareness and sharing experiences, we hope to put an end to catcalling, groping, stalking, public masturbation, assaults, racial slurs, and other forms of street harassment. Because we believe we have the power to create a world where we can feel hot, confident, and badass, while still feeling safe!

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