Introducing: Nicole!

Hollaback! Boston is thrilled to introduce our latest team addition: among other things, Nicole will be working to research and update our resources, and helping Britni with social media. We asked her to introduce herself before she gets started. Welcome, Nicole!

introducing: nicole! // hollaback! boston

What’s up? I am Nicole and I am a team associate for Hollaback! Boston and a sophomore at Pine Manor College. I have a wonderful two year old boy that means the world to me. I am an outgoing, friendly and strong woman. I believe everyone has strength and beauty within and that is why I Hollaback! I believe everyone should have a chance to speak up and share their story. In today’s society harassment has developed rapidly and there is nothing really done about it. Hollaback! Boston is here to make a change and stick up for the Citizens who have been Harassed. I have been harassed so many times I cannot even count. Once when I was younger my friends and I used to go to this park daily, but this man use to come to the park and watch us and bend down with really short shorts on. We all would see his junk and it’s like he used to follow us everywhere we went. This is why I am a complete activist on street harassment because I believe we can make a change! We are here for you and we Hollaback!



We actively denounce the notion that street harassment is culturally accepted and that victims somehow "deserve" it. Through raising awareness and sharing experiences, we hope to put an end to catcalling, groping, stalking, public masturbation, assaults, racial slurs, and other forms of street harassment. Because we believe we have the power to create a world where we can feel hot, confident, and badass, while still feeling safe!

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