HOLLAween: No Shame, No Blame

It’s Halloween! From spooky to sexy, there are so many ways for all ghouls to celebrate, and there’s something in this holiday for everyone. However, for a lot of us, Halloween means harassment—on the streets, at parties, just walking outside in costume. We’re expected to look sexy, even if that’s not our thing, and we see a lot of costumes that steal from other cultures and races for the sake of creativity.

costumes =/= consent // hollaback! boston

We think there should be an alternative. If you want to be a “sexy nurse,” by all means, strut your stuff! If “scary nurse” is more your thing, don’t be pressured to squeeze into something skintight. If you’re thinking that a “sexy geisha” or “scary genie” might be up your alley, you may want to reconsider.

If you’re unfamiliar with cultural appropriation and why it’s uncool, that’s okay—but this season is the time to learn! Here are some links about what it is and why it’s particularly problematic at Halloweentime:

Dressing up can be fun, safe AND empowering—bring on HOLLAween!

hollaween // hollaback! boston

sexy kitten doesn't want your catcalls // hollaback! boston

sexy cop says keep your hands where i can see them // hollaback! boston

cultures =/= costumes // hollaback! boston

image credits: Hollaback! Boston

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